Celine Verbeeck is a Belgian actress, singer and dancer who began dancing at the age of 4.

At the age of 8 she was accepted into De Prinsstraat, and further The Royal Ballet School of Antwerp. Celine stayed at the school until 15 years when her interest in acting kept growing and she decided to change course.

After the Royal Ballet School she took classes at Ballet School Delvaulx, where she would later on teach jazz classes to all ages. Throughout the years she made several trips to the Pineapple Studio in London to expand her dance skills.

Celine danced in the ensemble of the international Andrew Lloyd Webber broadway production of The Wizard of Oz that premiered in Paris.

Since discovering the Barre and workout classes in Yoga Factory, Celine became hooked to this new form of exercising that combined ballet, Pilates and fitness.

She recently travelled to Dublin, Ireland to do a teacher training course through the international leader in barre, Bootybarre,  and is very excited and share her passion at Yoga Factory.